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July 20, 2011

The National Benefit Authority Promotes Benefit Programs for Disabled Canadians

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The National Benefit Authority, an agency that helps disabled Canadians obtain and maximize the benefits available to them, is also actively involved with promoting awareness about these tax benefit programs. There are people in Canada with all sorts of disabilities, both mental and physical, that restrict the way they live their lives. When a person is disabled for any reason, they may qualify for various tax benefits in Canada, which could also extend to their family and/or caregivers. Whether you were born with a disability, developed it later on or suffered an accident or traumatic experience that left you disabled, there is help to ease the financial burden for you and your family. It is important that this information is available to disabled Canadians.

Disability Benefits from the Government of Canada

There are many different types of benefits from the government of Canada to which disabled citizens are entitled. There are various disability tax benefits and special savings programs that help offset the medical, adaptive, mobility and caretaking costs of living with a disability. There are also children’s disability benefits that parents of minors (ages 17 and younger) may qualify for. These disability tax credits are available both for disabled persons and/or for their parents or caregivers, regardless of age. If an older person with a disability is still being cared for by a parent or other caregiver, they can transfer their own tax benefits if not earning enough income to use it themselves. The registered disability savings plan is available for Canadians living with disabilities as well.

Spreading the Word

The problem is that many Canadians do not know about these programs, or they don’t know how to navigate the complicated application process. This is why organizations like The National Benefit Authority are working to inform disabled Canadians about all their options, help them determine if they qualify and assist them in the application process if they are eligible. These benefits are there to help the Canadians who need them most, but without proper information and assistance, the process of obtaining the benefits is often difficult.

By promoting the disability benefit programs, providing accurate information and giving assistance to those who need it, agencies such as this one can help more Canadians get the help they need to ease the financial burden of a disability. It’s a relief to know there is help out there.



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